Nautical Clock

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nautical clock, with double plating, finish will never tarnish or discolor.

Nautical Clock


Item No. GL122-C1

quartz clock, Arabic numerals dial.


base: 120, dial: 75, depth: 36 mm


1. General Descriptions

* All instruments have high quality movement with lifetime warranty.

* Instrument’s body or case is made of brass, the opening port is made of high quality alloy. Both of them are polished by hand carefully and with double plating: PVD-Zirconium plating based on Chromium plating that will never tarnish or scratch.

* The hinged bezel has a beveled glass lens and screw-down fastener, this allows access to the movements for winding, battery change over or adjustment without removal from the bulkhead.

* The aluminous dial can suitable for various weather conditions.

* All fasteners are made of stainless steel to suitable for ocean condition.

* Surface finish color can be available in polished brass, chrome, stainless steel.

* 5 pcs high quality stainless steel mounting screws with PVD –Zirconium plating included.

* One AA battery included for quartz clock.

* Save-packing: 4-colors gift box or white box with EPE cushioning material.


2. Feature Introduction


* Stands up to tough outdoor conditions even ocean weather condition.

* Never tarnish and always look like new after long-term exposure to the elements.

* Ultra-hard mirror finish has high wear resistance.


* Ordinary weatherproof - GL120,GL122,GL180,GL195 series nautical instrument feature a silicone O-ring seated behind the beveled glass crystal for protection from splash-water intrusion.

* Waterproof - GL152,GL198 series nautical instrument has a patented full waterproof structure, even be able to work under the surface of water.

Turn-Lock Mounting System (For GL152 & GL198 series)

* Original creating design with patent protection.

* Lets you lock in, or remove, each instrument easily from its special mounting plate to make adjustments or store it. Now, you won't have to unscrew it from the bulkhead every time when you need to replace the batteries or adjust the instrument.

* Shock absorption design - silicon rubber washer on mounting plate can absorb shock from hull.

Why GL Nautical Instrument can be weatherproof & tarnishproof?

The usual nautical brass instrument will tarnish or corrode after some while exposure to element, especially on ship or boat. People have to polish or refinish it again and again to keep luster. The reason of tarnish or corrode is that the polished surface of the instrument is just coated by a lacquer, there are many tenuous holes in the film of lacquer, air and water can still touch the surface of brass through these holes and corrode instrument surface. This problem has put out many nautical instrument manufacturers for many years.

The tarnishproof nautical instrument of Goodluck Company, has ultra-hard mirror finish which can stands up to tough outdoor conditions and the long time test, the instrument will never tarnish and always look like new after long-term exposure to the elements, even ocean weather condition.

What happened on these instruments?

The ultimate solution is the revolution of surface treatment technology!

PVD-Coating, one of the most advanced surface treatment technology, has been applied to nautical instrument by the Goodluck Company, and coat a Zirconium Nitride (ZrN) coating on her instrument surface. The ZrN coating has significantly highlights as follows:

* Significantly high corrosion resistance

* Decreased friction

* Extremely high wear resistance

* Increased lifespan

* Highly durable

* Shiny golden white color

For example, ZrN coating is often applied to artificial organ to protect its stainless steel parts to avoid corrode; and it is also the ultimate solution for valves that are intended for use in highly corrosive environment.

Tarnishproof Nautical Instrument, will be a product can shows its charms that will never fade without a letup.